At African Bites, we operate with integrity to ensure all Government’s industry standards and corporate requirements are not just achieved but exceeded. We maintain complete compliance to all NSW Government industry standards related to food handling, hygiene, safety and packaging requirements. We are also a fully licensed catering company and work collaboratively and compliantly with corporations to ensure we meet all your commercial and quality requirements.

Government Legislation & Standards

African bites adhere to all NSW Government policy and regulation related to Home-based food production, handling, hygiene and distribution as enacted by NSW Food Authority, National Measurement Institute, Australian Consumer Law and Council specific requirements.

  • All food sold in Australia complies with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code for labelling.
  • Measurements and weights are based on the National Measurement Institute to the best of our ability.
  • All food sold in Australia complies with additional labelling requirements under Australian Consumer Law, which prohibits false, misleading or deceptive representations.
  • We hold a valid NSW Food Authority license and are supported by Government official in food preparation, hygiene and safety compliance.
  • We have regular inspection from The Food Authority for compliance with the Food Standards Code requirements, in particular Food Safety Standards 3.2.2 and 3.2.3. The availability of hand washing facilities is of particular importance.

Recent Audit January 2020 cleared our home-based businesses on all relevant risk-based criteria.

  • Fully registered catering company equipped with Liquor license
  • Our premises is designed to ensure staff safety and management of hazards according to Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996

Corporate Functions & Events Compliance

We love catering for group, events, corporate functions because we get to introduce African culture & cuisine to the masses. African bites meets minimum commercial requirements of corporations and other large entities and are happy to work collaboratively for any additional compliances required for your peace of mind.

Our commercial compliance includes:

  • $10M Public and Product Liability Insurance
  • Occupational Safety and Health policies and practices in place at our premises
  • Food handling, hygiene and safety policies and practises in place at our premises
  • Fully registered catering company with liquor License


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We are proud to bring to Australia, the first online African Bakery. We want you to love our food and get to know authentic cuisines of Africa. So, we’re pleased to offer a free sample box to our corporate customers.

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