Ghana – A culture of food creativity & variety

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29 May 2020

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Ghana is a vibrant, buzzing country in the Western Coast of Africa. Full of life and character, it is home to a diverse range of wild life, historical buildings, secluded beaches, buzzing markets, loud, bustling city and amazing nightlife. The country is possesses an abundance of natural resources and minerals including gold, cocoa, wheat and grains.

With a population size of 25.5 million speaking over 40 languages throughout its 10 regions, Ghana has a vast agricultural and food sector and a multitude of nightclubs, restaurants, chop bars (Small eating spots) and markets that boasts an extensive and exuberant food culture.


The Staples


The Ghanaian breakfast pallet teases many naturally available and organically farmed crops such as cocoa, maize, cornmeal, oats and rice to create unique and delicious breakfast menu that are eaten not only in the mornings but throughout the entire day as snacks.

Typical local breakfast that is popular with working people,

  • Kookoo (Fermented maize porridge) served with nuts, bread and milk powder and Koose/akara (Black-Eyed Bean fritters)
  • Tea and tea bread, butter bread or bread buns
  • Rice Water (Rice Porridge) served with carnation milk
  • Ekuegbemi (grits) – mashed corn porridge
  • Tombrown (roasted maize porridge)


The Bakery

Flaky pastry pies and fried dough (the Ghanaian equivalent to doughnuts) are on top of the list with an assortment of tastes, shapes, textures and fillings, eating as snacks during a long hard day for the working people or accompanying a breakfast dish.

Typical local snacks that is popular with local people,

Savory Pallet

There are many savory snacks in Ghanaian cuisine, fried, barbecued, boiled, roasted, baked or steamed.

Some savory favorites that well known internationally

Sweet tooth

Ghanaian cuisine also enjoys an assortment of sweets created from naturally found staples such as coconuts, peanuts and sugar cane.

Most popular sweets for snacking and desserts


Ghanaian traditional main dishes are made up of starchy staples such as rice, Fufu, banku/etew, kenkey/dokonu etc. with which a sauce or soup saturated with fish, meat or mushrooms is served.

The typical Ghanaian staples in main dishes include cassava, plantain, yams, rice, wheat & maize.

The foods below represent the dishes made out of these staple foods.

Stews or soups made from mix of spices like Cumming, habanero chilies, maggi cubes, vegeta, thyme, garlic, ginger and bay leaf. These are often cooked with vegetables such as wild mushroom, garden eggs (eggplant), tomatoes. Protein is often the heart of stews and soups –the Ghanaian main meal boasts an assortment of flavored/sautéed proteins; beef, pork, goat, chicken, fish of which are the most used.

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